Benefits of Hula Hooping

Benefits of Hula Hooping

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Hula hooping is not just for kids having fun with the sun out. Hula hooping believe it or not is a great way to improve your health in so many ways and even strengthen your core. So, if you want a healthier lifestyle, therefore a happier lifestyle, pick up that hula hoop in the basement or buy one and get hooping, not basketball, but hula hooping.

Hula hooping is not only healthy but fun as well. To help you start and get into the groove, here are the benefits of hula hooping for you.

Abs Blaster

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Hula hooping mainly requires you to move the hoop around you in a circular motion using your core. A standing twist exercise for half an hour every day will give you the abs you’ve wanted since like forever.

Hula hooping is a great exercise to burn body fat not quickly, but efficiently. To dig deep in this one, make sure to get a weighted hula hoop to give you that extra challenge therefore extra value.

Balance Enhancer

featured image Benefits of Hula Hooping Balance Enhancer - Benefits of Hula Hooping

You might think that your balance right now is perfect as it is but remember, there is always room for improvement. Improving your balance gives you more control over your body, therefore, better posture, therefore strong bones and muscles.

Hula hooping is an exercise that can help you improve your balance in a short time. Balance exercises with a hula hoops are also good for your back and legs. Try doing a Rolling Reach repeatedly for a couple of minutes.

In this exercise, you just need to stretch your arms and place your hula hoop in front of you. Kind of like you are driving with the steering wheel.

Heart Booster

featured image Benefits of Hula Hooping Heart Booster - Benefits of Hula Hooping

Just like jogging and other cardiovascular exercises, hula hooping improves your heart. A 30 to 40 minutes of hula hooping will strengthen your heart muscles. With your heart muscles stronger, they can pump more blood throughout your body more efficiently.

With your heart beating faster during the exercise, your blood pressure goes down. Hula hooping is also perfect for people of all ages especially those with heart conditions.

The hula hoop trend is taking over the world, get on board.